NCGOP Launches Hispanic Coalition Ahead of 2020 Election

For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC -- This week, the North Carolina Republican Party announced the launching of the Republican Hispanic Coalition.

The North Carolina Hispanic Republican coalition is dedicated to securing continued economic opportunities, supporting conservative values, and ensuring the rights and liberties set by our Founding Fathers for all Americans, continue to be for all Americans.

Board Members include Chairman Charles Lopez, Omar Lugo, Ethan Bacca, and Christian Patino. These Republican Hispanic leaders will help activate and mobilize minority voters and shine a light on the bridge between Hispanic culture and conservative political ideologies. 

Our Hispanic coalition will bring the Republican message of opportunity for all to North Carolina’s Hispanic community which will help Republicans win this November. 

Please direct additional questions to [email protected]

For Press Questions Contact: Tim Wigginton at [email protected]



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